Project 1.3 "Wooden Barrier and Its Concrete Friend" by Atikhun Manoonchai

Same story with the previous one we once again research for references and making prototypes. This time we design a wall which define partition, also smell, light, noise, wind, etc. From my two previous projects, they made me interested in the combination of concrete(plaster) and wood.

These two are reference of what people doing with wood and concrete and make a contrast between two of them which looks good

I also researched about Donovan Hill architecture which mainly about wood and concrete.

I also interested in the idea of using woods to create a plain that looks interesting. With the gap in between it make them not totally solid but can see through, while at the same time cannot.

And then I saw one interesting wall which use many layers of 2Dplains to create some sort of 3D plains and then I get the idea of 2.5D from my professor.
 And then I made prototypes of walls with these ideas.

 This one I used the idea of 2.5D wood wall and connect it to a concrete wall to make a contrast.
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This one I tried to experiment with the idea of combining wood and concrete.
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 This one with the different idea from other. I tried to experiment with a rectangle wood plates and combine them to construct a wall.

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This prototype is the 2.5D idea and I tried to experiment it with making it diagonally not just vertical and horizontal.

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In the final model of my wall design, I tried to combine most of them into a wall since my wall can have different looks according to where it places, it can be solid concrete wall, solid wood wall or decorated wood panel. Also I tried to make a wall that comes out from the ground so it would go along with the diagonal wooden wall design and contrast with the horizontal and vertical wooden wall.

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