Project 1.3 Walls. "Octahedron Panelings", by Suthida Lertpanichphan

Project 1.2 Beams

Continuing from the previous column and beam projects as structure. The main material 
 that use is a stone that crafted into an octahedron shape. This strange looking stone 
becomes a module for the project. Since the systems of column and beam are already set,
 the wall system would also follow the same arrangement but this time would be in 
another type of material and give out totally different affect.

This tension system is a starting point for building a wall.

Strong contrast between the use of material and their feelings. Strong and heavy vs. light 
and delicate. Which column and beam are strong because they act as structure but yet 
for the wall is light and delicate because it’s not a load-barring wall. 
Only use to divide space and make some lighting effect.

The way to connect 2 different materials come in concern, which in 
this case is using acrylic deck with 2 screws. Panels inside the frames are movable 
which depends on the user whether he or she wants the room to be bright or dark.

Final Models Scale 1:10