Project 1.3 Walls, "Inflatables Wall", by Thanida Akkavutwanich

Inflatables Wall


               The column has inform the image as a gigatic wall, however it’s act as a colum. This is the concept of the column to make it’s different than other column.
This column has a strong definition of the side which divide by the edge of the colum, Hence the 3 equally space occur around the column.
The Wall beable to transform and create the indivudual space inside it, and when the space is not in use the wall can be keep in it place.

MATERIAL : Trasulcent Glass
                   Used of the trasulcent Glass allow the light to get in to the space in side the wall with out the opening. 

                        As the wall is in origami pattern therefore the wall is beable to move an expand to it limited side and shape, this is useful to the space as when it not in used it’s save the space, while pulled down create the pivate space 

Senario Space allow the activities