Project 1.3 "Wall: Vertical garden modular wall" by Thinnapoph Chongchiravisan

Project 1.3 Wall


In my opinion, when I have to do the research of many different walls, I got stunned on one piece of wall design, the vertical garden wall, so I chose to study it, I found out that it is very interesting to work on the wall that gives many functions to the room. After a discussion with the instructor, I realize that if only the plants give function to the room, the wall would be too simple, and if I have to grow the plant on the wall, how could I be sure that the vertical garden gives enough privacy to the residents, so my instructor advice me to work on the triangle inside the triangle infinity times, considered to the privacy of the space, and use the block of concrete, glass, and plants to give the function of privacy to the space.


I came up with the idea of vertical gardening, so I chose to use different type of plants for the wall, because I think that different type of plants gives different functions to the room and residents, in this case, I think that we can separate type of the tree on the vertical garden into four types, one is the hedge, the hedge used for the wall that wanted so much privacy, but not a completely privacy, because although it is thick, and have a huge structure. second one is normal plants that was planted to give the oxygen to the residents and make them more comfortable to stay in the narrow room, next one is the climber type, it is clear that this type is not giving so so much privacy to the room, it only gives the security by the blocking of eyes vision, but the sound and temperature still go though it easily. The last one is the cactus, it is the plant that was made on the vertical garden in order to give a security function and protect the residents. In my design, I also have to design a tree pot, I think it would be better if I design the tree pot from the modular that I choose to connect to be the wall. The shape of the structure is like a crossed reinforced concrete, so it is easier to stack them all up when the residents require to give the privacy to the room. It is like a modular that can connect in different shape, because they all have the same width.

On my drawings, the first page, I show the different function of my modular gardening wall as I have mentioned on the top paragraph, the type of plant and the frequency of the modular and the materials that will be used in that modular, give a different private function for the different space.

Here is the model of my design, it is only used to represent the idea concept of the wall, it is like an abstract model, because on the bottom part, I design my bottom part of the model for the room that wants high privacy, so it has high density of the triangle modular and the plants, upper part, is an abstract model that was made for the room that does not need much privacy, so it is 50% block the modular by the concrete, glass, and plants, and on the top, is kind of 100% open for the room that residents need a view of natural and a free space.


I think I did not label the model on pinup day, so it looks like some kind of shit modular war, but I intend to make it as an abstract model to show different privacy that each modular gives to the room, if I put the label on the model and tell which part represent of which part, my model might be prettier understandable and clearer.