Project 1.3 "Wall: Elastic Wall Module", by Paramesh Hutachinda

Project 1.3: Elastic Wall Module

For me, walls stand on an important point in my conscious. As walls do not just dwell on a single point, they expand virtually in many planes. Even how a flat wall can have deviations in its planes, such as a brick offset in a disfigured layman's orientation, can be very intrigueing.

In my previous phase, I mentioned how I try to be honest. Well in this instance. Walls are very special to me because I play tennis agaisnt a wall for practice quite a bit. Every deviation and bump on the wall produces a different kind of bounce. How I interact with a wall is influenced by how smooth the wall's surface is in relationship to the tennis ball I slam angrily at it. 

I know it sounds stupid, but it goes along the lines of the story from the "shadow builder". In this phase, I began with two prototypes which gradually evolved into my ideas about how walls can become elastic.

The first prototype is shown below. It displays how triangulation and void "attracted" aggregates can interact with the audience.

The second prototype is too hideous to display. However the its beastly nature ignited converstations on how visual, sound, and light can become significant wall attributes. In the end, the topic of pneumatics became very primordial, but evolved into a material I will endure with to finalize my design on elastic walls.

Below are blueprints to my elastic wall design.

 After much adieu, I will not hesitate to present the reader with my final model. It is made of polyester to signify its pneumatic quality. However inside the polyster are cotton balls. This material signifys the different traits my form can undergo. For example, the form can be constructed of air, concrete, insulation, wire mesh, and other materials. For further developement, the form still holds true to its elastic quality even if the material may be may not be impervious to air.

Thank You. Now please stay still while you press the following link to connect for full resolution files.