Project 1.3 Wall By Pathumphorn Niramitsrichai

                      The logic of creating the wall shape is still keep the same like the logic of column and beam.When the wall form with beam and column it's created high level of strenght to the structure. the hight if the column is now scale up to be 4 meters and one more level is added. The column of the upper level is 2.5 meters  high. The physical model show the possible space that can be create with my column, beam and wall.

                    The material use for surface could be, for example,  double layer glass, translucent glass, metal screen, aluminum sheet. In the physical model I experiment with a few combination of material use. Each material allow different thing to the space such as, glass allow light and full vision to another side but doesn't allow air and circulation.

I also create interior wall using different material which give contrast feeling with the exterior wall. The function of the interior wall is to divide the space inside and become like a partition. 

Drawing of Wall