Project 1.3 Waffle Wall by Napat Kanjanasaya

In this part of the project, the wall was inspired by the previous phase of the project which
is by creating an organic shape with rib structures, how ever the shape does not come from
random ideas but are considered about, light factors, structural strength and functions.

first the structure was quite different from last phase now that the crossing notches are cross
not in sqaure grid but and an x grid where it provides more stability to it and the curved form
allows the wall to withstand the horizontal stability and will then be enhanced when connected
to the beam part.

The lighting effects was influence by it's structure where the walls will be solid, however when
moving to the top, the ceiling was an open grid which will allow natural light. the wall is also
opaque giving privacy.

the last part is the function of the wall. the curving down part of the wall are a public seating
which allows human to inhabit the area in different ways, either, leaning, sitting or lying.