Project 1.3 "Uneven bricks" by Trai Praditpong

The final part of the project is to design a wall. Wall is a structure that would function as boundary between spaces. Vision is also very critical in designing a wall. Therefore, I tried to design a wall that has a system that would determine human visibility through the wall.

I used the shape of trapezoid which came from part 2 of the project, the beam. In the prototype, I used a simple arrangement to the trapezoid by mirroring them vertically. By just arranging them side by side at a different level, variations of gaps size were created.

However, I tried to add more variations by vary the thickness of the blocks at different angle. However, on the other side of the wall is totally flat. This allow different feeling from one side to the other. On the side with extrusion,  the wall creates shadow when light shone from the top. It creates shadow at different sizes. This allows the wall to be more interesting and improve its aesthetics. I.t can perform as a holding space for other decorations and furnitures too

There are variations in size of the bricks too. However it has to be in the same proportion. This allows variations in the size and the shapes of the gaps.

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