Project 1.3 "Intersections" by Pin Laohasurayotin

The wall is made up of strings that are woven between two columns and an axis between them that forms a 5 pointed star. Strings are attached to one column, then twisted around the axis , then to the second column to create one wall. Some walls axis, then to the second column to create one wall. Some walls intersect so strings goes through that of the other wall at intervals. There is tension in all of the strings.

A single module is made up of 5 columns placed together equal distance from each other and the center. There are tension forces in the strings that is stretched column to column. The strings create planes and many planes intersect to create different volumes of spaces, each with different amount of transparency in each level. to create a larger space, more columns could be added by reflecting it over the length of one side of the pentagon. 

When looking at it as a section cut through the planes, we could see that there are different levels of filtering, whether it be light, sound, or smell, through the different areas. The main central space is the most isolated from the outside because it is surrounded the other secondary spaces that is created as a result of the intersection of the planes.