Project 1.3 "The Hedgehog Wall" By Kevin Peter

To round the previous two parts up, the third part was all about the wall, which defines the space and its quality as well as any kind of openings or other functions.
Here the challenge of course was to create a design which combines the two previous designs into a whole design idea.

To begin with my work, once again I had to search for sources of inspiration which I found (No this time not Shigeru Ban) in the work of Gramazio & Kohler, two Swiss Architects who created an astonishing facade at the Winery Gantenbein in Switzerland. Made out of brick though, it still followed my idea of using one module to create a design. Unlike many other brick walls / facades, this one acutally created an image of wine grapes. by laying them out in a certain way it allowed for this image, while letting light into the space as well.

I once again used my initial idea about wood structure and light. By laying them out in a crossing way i could create voids, which then would let light though while still providing shelter and shading. 
Although I wanted to use just one kind of module, I had to introduce a smaller version of the initial module, since the wall would otherwise look very gloppy and heavy. Having said that the challenge was not just to stake them up in order to create the wall, but to follow the arch form of my columns from my previous part. In the end the design created a dome (what a surprise) which kind of resembled the back of a hedgehog, thus the name hedgehog wall.
And by leaving out certain modules in one raw, I was able to create generous openings, allowing for either more light to come through, or act as a "door" or opening, which allows to move into the space.

To top things up, I created some orthographic drawings as well as Isometric drawings, which illustrates my idea and intentions. Ending with the same sentence as i did in my last two blogs, the wall structure again is hold together using Japanese wood Joinery (Thank god there where some books in the Library). Thank you and look forward with me together for more blog entries.