Project 1.3, "Adjustable Wall" by Pongsatorn Jongaroontaprangsee

For this part, I come up with the 'Rotation Joint' which can be freely adjustable in horizontal direction, By this mechanical system, the wall seem to be a snake or worm that can move to any place and change into any form.

The second prototype is the development of the first one that using the same system but making it to be more of 3 Dimension Feeling by just stacking it in vertical direction. By its form, it can create a variation of transparency of wall by the overlapping between each module.

Finally, for final model, it based on the pyramid shape. Each legs of module is just a point that attaching to the ground in order to make the less of resistance during moving, thus, it create a convenient for people to moving it. 

Each of modules consists of many parts which provide a different of function. But the most important parts is the basement of pin joint which located between each layer. This part act as the main connector of each modules that connected by the little pin joints. This joint can provide the rotation movement and make this wall system become moving and adjustable