Project 1.2, "Triangular Truss" by Pongsatorn Jongaroontaprangsee

For this part, I still use 'the interlocking between geometric form' as the key concept of project. However, instead of using it just in the column's structure, I adapted it to be the system of connecting between beam and column.

Finally, I end up with the system of triangular truss with using the 'Triangulation Bond' system that each of beam and column are always help each other to make them stand and the weight and loads will be transferred to the overall structure of the system.

Also with the form of beam, it inspired by the concept of interlocking. As you can see that the form of beam is really fit to the shape of column and automatically, lock to to the head of the column. And when, it connect to all three sides of column, the weight will transfer from all these side to the center which is column and the weight will transfer down to the ground by which it the characteristic of steel frame structure