Project 1.2, "Timber Sea" by Channat Karnkorkul

For the second part of the project, I decided that it will not be related to the previous one. To me, transferring loads horizontally is much harder than vertically. It has to resist the bend on the center of the beam span, and it was quite a challenge to do out of wood. I decided that the system that works similarly to a truss should be quite effective, but it will again, have to be connected by joints (or with another secondary material). 

The final outcome of this part was a module unit. There are no variations and every unit is exactly same. First I thought that this would not be able to adapt as much as the previous one (it having different sizes) but the outcome was surprising. The units were able to withstand a lot of weight when they joined together. They connected horizontally, vertically, and even diagonally and can possibly also act as a column (better yet walls). The network of these wooden trusses can span really long distances since they act similarly to an arch, where both sides cantilever each other.

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