Project 1.2 : Sequence of space by Chapat Tiwutanond

Folded module

For project 1.2 we were assigned to create a beam that can, but doesn't need to be related to the previous phase of the project. So I continued on using the jigsaw module and created a dome structure. However the jigsaw parts made it hard to create a 3 dimension space so I experimented on various types of modules and decided to use the one above, as it can create more dimensions. The modules itself acts as a column when stack above each other, it also has the element of an arch when the columns are connected to each other. As a result of connecting the columns together, system of positive and negative spaces are formed between and within each columns. 

Final model of system

Interior space

Link to full PDF.
Dome structure from jigsaw module
Experimentation of 2 dimensional modules