Project 1.2 " Interlocking Beam" by Atikhun Manoonchai

This part is the same with previous, we start with finding references and making prototypes.

 I still going with the concept of interlocking to make columns stronger.
Also finding columns that was made by using joints.

From the reference combine with the idea of the column, I came up with the prototypes.

For this prototype I tried to experiment with a simple wood joint to construct the whole structure and also create a cantilever.

For this one it is a continuation from the previous project which using simple design but make it looks complex and strong enough to stand the load.

Link to Full Resolution

With these experiment I came up with the final design of my beams.

 Still, the design is simple but strong and looks complex. With the principle of making column strong by inserting beam in between small columns. Also the beam is not only right underneath the ceiling but it can be inserted in many levels which will create usage, atmosphere, partition, etc.

The join is simple, the beams go through columns that stand on two sides and hold it up, also the beam make the column avoid buckling like mentioned before. Using wood might create a problem of beam collapsing or breaking in the middle with long span so the additional beam is added and connected to each other to make it stronger. (If use steel then it can have a long span.)