Project 1.2 "Contrasts and Juxtaposition" by Pin Laohasurayotin

In creating a beam for the columns, I first experimented with the use of stringed elements to connect two and transferring horizontal loads down to the columns. 

In the second prototype, instead of connecting it directly to the adjacent column, it connects to every column in the space at different levels, creating sort of a bird's nest mesh among the columns. All the columns are facing inwards. 

In the third prototype, the string beams all connect to one element in the center. Both the center element, the columns, and the wire beam appears to be working together in that the wire is connected to the central element to keep it standing, acting as a counterweight. The idea is then carried on to the final model.

The center element is yet to be defined whether it is a space that could be inhabited or it is just a counterweight. The columns are facing outwards in different directions but it seems to be pulled back by the icosahedron in the center, slightly lifted off the ground, that is connected to the columns through the wire beams. 

It is a contrast between the heavy and massive yet elegant structure of the column and the light weight-ness of in the materiality of the icosahedron. The load of the counterweight/space in the center that is pulling on the wire beams create tension in the strings. The load is then transferred onto the columns, creating a compression force, which then is brought down to the ground.