Project 1.2 "Beams:Cantilever" by Panittra Eawsivigoon

Continuing the investigation of interdependent structures, I explored the notion of stacking and assembling my column module to create a spanning structure thus creating a beam, though not involving an entirely new element but instead a new way of connecting elements with tension members. If not for the tension cables, the structure will strive to collapse in all directions and what keeps it together is the intersecting pattern of cables than connects not only in diagonal directions but also between alternation floors so that the joint between each module is enforced both vertically and horizontally.

The system of tensions members operates on two systems, the intersecting 'x' shaped pattern that pulls with equal force the loads from four sources into one point where the cables intersect and the other where the forces are transferred from a module of column to the column beneath it per connection to create a consecutive pulling of loads that are uniform within the collective structural system.