Project 1.2 Beams. "Octahedron Ribs", by Suthida Lertpanichphan

Project 1.1 Columns


Continuing from the previous column project as a starting structure. The main material  that use is a stone 
that crafted into an octahedron shape. This strange looking stone becomes a module for the project. 
Moving upward from a column to a beam, the modules are no longer be able to just stack on top of each other. 
 Here is how the new system coming in.

In order to construct stones in both vertical and sloping condition, ‘Tension’ is one of the ways. 
Starting orient the module with string, then apply the compressive force to the column and the beam by
 twisting the string. The force from the strain will transfer to the modules and make tighter together.

The three legs also serve best for this structure, because of the shape of the original module that has triangle based.

This whole heavy system can stand on its own because of the compression and tension force that apply to each individual module. If missing one of them, the whole system would be collapse due to its weight and the gravity.

Final Models Scale 1:10