Project 1.2 Beams, "Dome Structure", by Thanida Akkavutwanich

Dome Structure


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                                                                             DOME STRUCTURE
                 The column start small on the ground and getting bigger as it growth because the extendtion of the top allow more surface to touch the column, also this method save the space underneath the column.
The beams perform like a vault therefore it’s require “Key- stone” to shared he force load to the ground.
The beam occur by the smaller unit of the coulumn duplicat- ed and stacking system to form an “ARCH”.

                Used of the corten steel is with the column & beam because it’s very strong. By having the 3 pieces form the triangular base for the column so the column can strongly carry the force load from the beam. 

                 The edge of the column seperated the 3 side of the space apart from each other.
Therefore 3 equally beam is able to continues for the edge and shared the equal amount of the force. (Like an Arch)