Project 1.2 Beams: "Branching a Communal Span", by Jane Chongsuwat

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Before proceeding to the design of the beam, I went back and further developed my column unit. I first experimented by modifying the modular staircase unit that are connected with a column in the centre. I extended the width of the units to see if they can span a horizontal distance if I, instead, placed each staircase further away from each other. 

Later I also experiment with a spatial unit that is made of 4 staircases that connects in the intersection, forming a space that resembles a vault in the centre. 

However, in order for the column to be able to support the weight of the floor plates and at the same time permit circulation through the floors (it has to cut through the floor plates), I developed a structure comparable to a tube that allows circulation in them. These tubes would work like load-bearing wall structures. 

Continuing with the idea of the tubular staircase. I decided to place the stairs apart from each other extend each steps out, branching to form a communal space (a mezzanine floor).  There are 2 circulations, the circulation from floor to floor is through the tubes and the circulation to the communal space is through the branching steps. 

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