Project 1.2 "Beam: Resisting Bending", by Chayaphon Ruenruedeepanya

1.2 Beam

For this phrase I decide that my beam will be design base from my column, unlike the other I design my beams from how it is going to be construct/ integrated in to my column. There are several method and I choose to joint my column and beams together using the method of interlocking.

For my two prototype I was trying to figure out how will my beams join to the top concrete part of my column.

Finally after everything is sorted out, I make my final model showing how is my beam interlock to the column. The model is really tricky to work with, since I was using and experiencing the use of plaster. It really did consume a lot of time for me to get the mold for plaster right, especially when using the concept of interlocking that means everything have to fit perfectly.