Project 1.2 "Beam: Ornamented Eigenshell", by Paramesh Hutachinda

Project 1.2: Ornamented Eigenshell Beam

Deception and Beauty have fooled many eyes. This project began with a soft tone. An eloquent tone to forget any metal work and focus on knitting. Yes Knitting. The reason why? I have always wondering how the fabric can hide skin so well, just as floor panels hides the beams below. This analogy is translated into my three prototypes.

Knitting in its raw state.

Second Prototype - Elastic bands as knitting devices.

Third Prototype: Knitting as a Flower

This cocentric repetition of yarn imitates the Eigenshell shown below.

Therefore, the idea of a beam that performs efficiently as well as not linearly was a profound sensation to explore. Overall, the idea blossomed into an ornamented beam that would reveal the structure and yet eloquently uplift the floor slabs with a spiraled beam, a beam that would both unify the central column and the petals of our floor. Below are blueprints for the design.

An isometric perspective for your eyes only.

 To conclude, the following are pictures of the physcial model produced.

As the stem awaits further growth, please stay tuned for the project's development.
Thank you.