Project 1.2 "Beam: Origami beam" by Thinnapoph Chongchiravisan

Project 1.2 Beam


This project, we are required to create the beam, it does not have to be continued from the last project, but after a discussion with an instructor, I designed to continue working from the last project which is the spanned beam, my instructor told me to study on the modular that could be connected to the column, which my first idea that came up is the origami beam. I started by surfing on the internet to find the structure of origami that could receive as much weigh as it should, however, I came up with the origami of folding paper game.


From origami research, I decided to choose the series of concrete sheet in order to make the origami structure and beam, connect each one to the others as a series of origami beam and also connected to the column in the first project by the connection of bolt and steel structure. Folding paper could be made from the concrete sheet, and the structure of itself already strong enough to hold the upper level of ground and also the shape of the folding paper game has related to the spanned column because the way I connected each of them together is like the spanned of concrete sheet on top.

In the drawings, the page on top is the drawing of concept idea of the beam which all columns and all beams are made from the shape of paper folding game, and also on the bottom drawing, my drawing represents the real construction that connected to the column from the previous project, it also shows the joint between each modular and the joint between the column and the beam.

My model the column on the left represents the concept idea of the beam that was made from paper folding game shape of reinforced concrete, and on the right column is the column that came from last project.


I think my project here is I try to develop the origami too much, I should have more concern about the materials in the model, I just realized that I should not use 100 grams paper because it is too flexible, and those made a disaster to my model as you could see from the picture. I still believe that this will work as a real construction if the one I use is the reinforced concrete sheet, even some other teachers say that it will be collapse like the prototype model. This is the only mistake that I use the paper as the prototype material.