Project 1.2 "Beam : Folding&Fanning" by Nichakul K.


1.2 BEAM

As a continuation of project1.1, I chose to look again into the structural principle of Gothic architecture. After realizing the structural weakness of the column in the first phase, I attempt to developed the column into a more structurally relevant version, with a beam structure that visually connects and continues from the vertical geometry of the column itself.


The first prototype tries to recreate the first phase column with only half the the square- using a folding surfaces that interlocks each other to transfer the load down to ground, where the beam is an extension to the system


At the same time as developing prototype one, I decided to experiment with other formal language inspired by the fan-vaults geometry in the late-gothic cathedrals. Finding the results of the 2nd prototype more appealing than the 1st, I tried to combine the system of both prototypes together, which results in a 3rd prototype.


From this prototype I developed the same language into a smoother transformation, using the mathematical alteration similar to the ones used in the column, and apply them to the number of folds which increase as the column project upward to the the beam.

Final Model  

The fan beam at the top locks together with compression that results from pushing a key-stone into the center void. The same key stone is used as the base of each column, allowing another column to continues from above the beam. Each column&beam set connects to each other at its intersecting corners, which rest upon each other to counter-balance the load.