Project 1.1, "Wood Waffles" by Channat Karnkorkul

The first part of the project is to design a column. A column aims to support load vertically, as it is supposed to distribute weight and counter the force of gravity. There were three things that came up to my mind. First, even though load has to be transferred vertically (to counter gravity), it is definitely possible to distribute weight diagonally. Second, what can be a really suitable and strong structure that can distribute load diagonally? It was the shape of the triangle. Third, I'd like my design to be able to efficiently use wood as its primary material.

Wood is different from the other materials; they cannot be joined together as easily as steel or concrete. There had to be a joint to lock pieces of wood together, so that it can successfully provide what it's meant to fulfill - so I considered the structure of the waffle. I wanted my work to be somehow modular, the idea of creating unique networks that adapt to the situation but only using the same or similar units fascinate me. 

The design I have proposed come in different configurations to be able to adapt to space. They all use the same joining method, which is the waffle. Though one unit may not be able to withstand load, not alone being able to stand by itself, once its been stacked with other several units of itself (or others with the same quality) they will be able to withstand load efficiently. The more stacked they are, the stronger they get, up until to a point where only aesthetic purposes matter.

Below shows the actual physical model of the design, which was not so successful because of the model's material. Chipboard was used and the thickness was not to scale and so the final outcome was that the model could stand, but not withstand enough load.

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