Project 1.1 "Puzzle Column" by Atikhun Manoonchai

In this project we were assigned to design the 'basic building elements' which are column, beam and wall respectively. We started from finding reference from anything, architecture, or even something not related to architecture. From that we then made our own prototypes.

 I got reference of column that added a usable part like a furniture, but I did not put this concept in to my column yet, but it will be in the further project.

 This is what inspired me the most, the concept of puzzle, interlocking which make it strong with quite simple looks, but also interesting at the same time.

For the column I was interested in a theme of puzzle and usable column. By usable I mean it can be used as a shelf, furniture, etc. and puzzle I was thinking of a column that can be built fast which is precast. Also it will not need much structure because they can interlock each other and build a strong columns and beams.

                     Link to Full Resolution                                               Link to Full Resolution

I made these two prototype to show the idea of puzzle column. The wooden one is to show the concept of interlocking and puzzle at the same time, using the idea of making thin column stronger by adding a beam in different levels. Same goes with the high rise building that use one high columns to stand but it is not buckling due to the fact that each floor hold it up and make it stronger. The plaster column is to show a simple puzzle that you can just plug it in to the ceiling and make it stay.

 The final model of column is "Puzzle Column'



The concept is to be able to assemble fast on site so it is a simple design that everything is made in the factory and combine on site like a puzzle. This concept can be used for the site that is need to be built fast, like a renovation or development. For example, Rebuilding slums to be a better place might be one of the situation.