Project 1.1: Interlocking Column by Kittaphat Anuchachart

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First prototype

 In this part of the project, I wanted created a structure in which it could be contain in a building with just one
column which could hold and support throughout the building. The system which this column works is by 
interlocking the main structure which is the X shape vertical column and the Oval shaped column, when 
these to main part of the structure are interlocked, they resist each other preventing the whole structure from 

(Link to full resolution)
Refined Column

In this refined version of column I have been considering about the materiality of which the 1st prototype
will be made out of solid wood and in bigger scale would be impossible, so i have change the solid wood
into a Truss systems which creates more strength and connect them together by cables which will
pulled the four sets of trusses together