Project 1.1 Columns, "Surfaces Column", by Thanida Akkavutwanich

Surfaces Column


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               The column has inform the image as a gigatic wall, however it’s act as a colum. This is the concept of the column to make it’s different than other column.
                   This column has a strong definition of the side which divide by
the edge of the colum, Hence the 3 equally space occur around the column.

                   The column start small on the ground and getting bigger as it growth because the extendtion of the top allow more surface to touch the column, also this method save the space underneath the column. 

              Used of the corten steel is with the column because it’s very strong.
By having the 3 pieces form the triangular base for the column so the column can strongly carry the force load from the beam. 
Link to full resolution PDF                                                                          Link to full resolution PDF

                     The continuous surface allow the end to touch with the other , so the end happend to be “EDGE” .
These 3 edge occur in the trinangle space which help to carry the force load to the ground. 

                   The edge of the column seperated the 3 side of the space apart from each other.
Therefore 3 equally space define around the column.