Project 1.1 Columns. "Octahedron Stones", by Suthida Lertpanichphan

Project 1.1 Columns


The role of a column doesn’t only be a support or a stand for a building, 
the column can also has an aesthetic within itself. Therefore, it’s not called a ‘structure’ 
but a ‘sculpture’. Furthure in the project, the main concern and concept is how to build
a column that has both functions that strong but yet delicate and has such handcraft value.  

Normal octahedron would not work with stacking because it doesn’t have any interlock, 
so it got adapted to an extruded part.

Regardless of how the column looks, with the stacking system, 
it can transfer the force from floors above directly on to the ground. 
The core is perfectly perpendicular to the floor.

 These octahedron column is made up of stone. Due to the properties of stone 
such as steadiness and hardness, it helps the column be able to stand 
by its own without any other structure. 

Final Model Scale 1:10