Project 1.1 "Column: Spanned column" by Thinnapoph Chongchiravisan

Project 1.1 Column


          This project we are required to design the column, first of all I would like to say that I am interested to the column that have a great balanced to help another carrying the weight on top, and I went on the internet and pinterest to find inspirations of column structure that would perfectly strong on the top part that use to carry the weight and the bottom part is small as it could, like a tree shape.

This is the picture of inspiration of my idea, I think I wanted to working on the top part of the column to find the strongest structure, and also interested in connecting the different materials by the joint, which my case is to design the joint of concrete column with wood structure.


I took my inspiration idea and develop it into the new one, I design the spanned column on top in order to help each one carrying the weight, so I came up with the design of the column that spanned on top, which the material I chose to used for column on top is wood, and also the big column which work as a main column that used to receive the weight and force from the top made from reinforced concrete, the reason I used reinforced concrete to be the material of main column is because I think it is one of the strongest material, hard to collapse. Also the joint between the wood column and the concrete part, you can see from the drawing.

The example in the drawing is using the spanned column only four columns to receive the weight on top, instead of using full of six columns in the construction, because the spanned column already help each other carrying the force from the top. Moreover, this type of column also makes more space on the ground because there are only four columns used instead of six.

This is the model I made to represent of the real column

The column I design, in my opinion, I do not think it challenges me enough, it is too simple, probably I was concerning to much on the material thing, and also give the function into the column too less, so it became as not well as I wanted