Project 1.1 "Column: Resisting Compression", by Chayaphon Ruenruedeepanya

Project 1.1

For this first phrase I've deiced that I am going to use the term accessible and functionality as my concept. That means my column must be accessible in order for it to performs its function. And thus I have come up with two designs which shared 1 main goal but two different approach.

My first approach  is create a column which seems to be solid in shape but actually it doesn't. It might give out a sense of solidity but after all it is hollow in the middle.

My second approach, it clearly show and express the term accessibility the column looks really light and not solid at all when compare to my first prototype.

As for my final model I have decide that the column will still be construct using the same concept and ideology as my prototypes. However I've learn from my two prototypes that both of them suggest and express the same concept however both of them were build using different approach. And thus for my final I have decide to still make it simple and in between two of my prototypes. As shown the column were construct with concrete as the base and steel frame as the body, using heavy duty anchor bolt to hold base and body together.