Project 1.1 "Column: Floating Column", by Paramesh Hutachinda

Project 1.1 - "Floating Column"

    Initially, after much delay in conceiving an ideal, I gave birth to two prototypes in the nick of time. The first prototype, displayed below, is about a column without a center. It emphasizes transparency through columns we subjectively visualize as solid entities.

I try to be honest as much as possible. So the second prototype was conceived after I ate a four scoops of vanilla and green tea ice cream. To be exact two per flavour. This prototype denounces any attachment to the ground and appears to be floating because four similar units are held into place from falling as the column cocentrically slams them into equilibrium.

Construction Blueprints are provided below.

Here is an isometric perspective of how the model should be erected without a fulcrum.

Voila! A physical model has achieved its first week of life after the birth of the "floating column" concept.

Behold! She stands like a man on stilettos.