Project 1.1 "Column : Emerging Volumes" by Nichakul K.



Taking inspiration from the concept of sacred buildings such as mosque and cathedral, this type of architecture were intentionally made to be perceived as a whole. All structural component become part of the big scene, which is created for the overwhelming impression while being inside the space. 
From this concept I define a column as the connection between the surface we stand on, and the surface above us, as it draws our eyesight upward at the same time as bringing ceiling to ground. In the prototypes I tried to find the possibilities in using materials that are capable of layering a two-dimensional surface as well as creating a three-dimensional volume. 

Prototype 1

Prototype 2

The final version of the column uses a grid system that consist of mathematical transformation of a square column of the same length, reducing its cross-section dimensions as moving towards the center and rises upwards.

Link to full resolution image

This operation should emerge from both the ground surface and the ceiling surface, and as a result, the volume will meet at the center and connects the top to bottom.