Project 1.1 Column design

Project 1.1 Column. Resisting Compression

In project 1.1, or goal is to create the most fundamental structure.... the column. With experimentation and adding innovative ideas to it in order to create a column that is different of a regular column that we see in our daily lives

Column in my idea is a point A- B that holds up a building

My first prototype, is an experimentation between topographic contour model that builds up into a structure. 

The second prototype is a basic two module that combines to create a triangular structure that can stand up together

Which lead to the final model with is a topographic column that creates a space in the column and outside, Of course the column is huge, but it also function more than just a structural element which  is my goal for this explore the limitation of what something is

The drawings shows the scale of the columns, the idea is not to view a column as on one structural element, but to explore the possibility and the limit in which it can go.