Project 1.1 "Column: Co-operative Tension" by Panittra Eawsivigoon

While investigating the possible potential of a column physique I considered the objective that it might be an interesting approach to construct a column element that works dependently with other members of the same element to establish an overall stronger structure instead of an isolated standing structure. The initial idea came from the inspiration of tensegrity members which are dependent on each other and rely on the tension between solid stick members and rigid cable members.
The column is bindedtogether within the tension forces that act upon each element and is able to stand because of the created forces without any additional joints. Due to form of the column, with extending arms on all axis, this provides an opportunity for connections over multitudinous assemblies, hinting of forms of connections that might happen within a building between the common stacking of whole floor to floor connections or half floor connections which may as a result portray a different kind of space entirely.