Project 1.1 Column by Natthawipa Sangkakit

    In this first part my column is inspired from columns that are connecting each other. I want to link all the columns to create a space. I am interested in columns that have free form and connects each other.
    I experimented my columns by using plaster and three different types of cast. I used plastic, cloth, and clay.
At first I started with clay but it is hard to control the plaster and there were too much air bubbles, it didn't quite dry out well.
     The second trial I tried with a plastic bag stretched and hanged in a form that I liked. Plaster was heavy when I tried to fill in the whole cast I didn't become the form that I want and I had to hold which mad the form too simple and didn't give much texture to it.

    The third trial I used cloth. At first I tried with a small piece of cloth. I really liked the rough texture it has and how the border looked like. When I did the big piece it didn't really work out how the small piece did.

    In conclusion I think I need to used something like plastic gloves that would be stretch to its maximum strength so that plaster would not put its weight on it and make it loses its form.