Project 1.1 "Buckled" by Pin Laohasurayotin

A column's job is to bring down vertical loads from the top to bottom. They are under compression, and tend to buckle when things go wrong. But these columns seems as they are already buckling. The idea originated from the structure of a bird. Its head goes one way and its wings spread wide are to counter the force and keep it from falling, which led to the first prototype (photo below, far right).

In the second prototype, the wings to counterweight was eliminated. It is now seen as one slanted column, and the bottom part of the column is slanted in the opposite direction to the top part to redirect the force in the other direction. In the turn of direction the column becomes more thick.

For the final model, I experimented with various shapes and sizes, some had pointed tips, some had a wider top end. The height where it buckles also varies and there is no formal placement. When many are placed together, they have a very animate quality, seeming as they are trying to interact. The scale of it varies from approximately 3 meters up to 10 meters.