part 1.1 Column, Tzu-wen Chiang


In this part of the project we redesign the basic building elements, the first one is a column. We started from finding references for our design, the reference I found are weaving columns for example Shigeru Ban’s Centre Pompidou Metz, its using and weaving pattern of a traditional weaving hat into the building 

another reference I found is the bus stop design by sou fujimoto and another one is serpentine pavilion design by SANNA architects 

Both of them uses thin columns, therefore the column I design is using bothe thin columns and weaving thecnique. This column has the concept of letting light into the space, using clear strings that created translucent screen before the sunlight shines into the space and also pulling the thin columns together, to make it stringer and to prevent it from buckeling.

The column takes the function of light bulb in the space, which can space electricity, ad create a different atmosphere of the space

this is the final model of my column using wire to represent steel bar and uses fishing strings to represent thick translucant strings that can let light into the space. the plaster on the side represent the concrete floor that will be casted onto the structure.

And these are my prototypes before i created the final model with variation of tying methods