Project 1.2 "All around the Beam Structure" by Kevin Peter

After vertical structures in the first part came the horizontal structure in part 2. I am talking about beam structures. Having unfortunately come to the conclusion, that my column design doesn't fit to my overall image I had to create from scratch again, meaning coming up with not just a beam design, but also with a column design which fits to it.

I am being a bit honest here, being a bit frustrated and disappointed wasn't very beneficial for my creativity, nevertheless again I had to find sources of inspirations once more in order to create my prototype models. Again I found the main inspiration in Shigeru Ban's Tamedia Building in Zurich.

Again it hit my like a flash, the inspiration I was looking for. Using the idea of stacking once again, I bought a bunch of sets of the Jenga game in order to create my final beam model. By stacking and shifting the modules I was able to create an arch, which then continues to be a circle, having a beam spanned in between. Creating another structure in the same manner I ended up with a sphere shape-like structure, in which two beams were spanned, in order to stiffen the whole structure. The idea was to create several of those structures, each having different numbers of beams in different heights within the structure, to play with voids and hidden spaces.

To explain my idea, I had to create orthographic drawings as well as isometric drawings. Once again I came up with Japanese wood Joinery like initially planned in my previous part.