1.3 walls, "Triangular Transformation Wall", by Manita Ruangwimolwet

Triangular Transformation Wall

As the column and beam are sharing the same concept
of interlocking, the ideas of wall are inspired by the 
transformation of triangle.

Since the beam is consist of one unit attached together to create one beam,
the wall is also has one uni of triangle, but can transform into many shapes as well.

The drawing below shows how the wall works, one huge triangle could
create many triangles inside, some are big some are small.

These photographs showed the overall look of a wall.
In reality, one unit of big triangle would overlapped one another
continuously while triangles inside are also changeable depending
on its needs.

It can be transformed by changing triangles inside, pulling some of theme out
to create longer space, sliding material to side, or even flip the whole triangle.

This shows how sticks are work, they are bolted by a knot,
so that each of them is able to slide up and down for transformation.

The picture above shows that one huge triangle is firstly separated into 4 medium
triangles first, then within these 4 they can create small, smaller and smallest
triangles as well.