1.3 Wall, Tzu wen Chiang

Translucent Wall

The wall design in this phase also uses the same weaving and light concept as the previous one, wall can be either supporting weight or let the column take all the weight and can design the wall more freely. for my project, i wish that the column can stand nearly all the weight so the wall can have more possibility so in this part of the project i also try to design the columns that make the column more stable and can stand more weight.

this part of the project i added another material which is resin. resin is use for hardening the weaving and strings tie both on to the column and  the wall. also i realise that when fabrics touches resin, resin will soomthen out the surface of the fabric, and with fabric that is not weaved tightly, it can create a translucant, half clear effect onto the fabric. therefore i use resin as the harderner of the fabric and string weaving on both the column and wall.