1.3 Wall, Mathilde, Walls in a frame structure

I have created a system that combines my beam- and column structure. The frames of the beams creates walls, that doesn't have to be the bearing element. The frames arises from the circular column and creates a pattern of different boundaries according to the material.

A building in the tropics should respond quickly to the cooling outside temperature. The materials should release heat rapidly rather than storing it and re-radiating it back inside the home, like for exsample concrete walls.

For tropical houses it is very advantageous to have a structural frame 
and then use lightweight walls.

Lightweight walls are constructed using a combination of materials. They are easy and cheap to insulate because there is a hallow space between the external and the internal cladding into which insulation can be fitted.

For this lightweight wall: Plaster boards, timber or steel frames, bulk insulation, foil insulation, gab of 25 mm. and white fibre cement sheets.

Windows should be shaded with plants or eaves to prevent radiation. In the roof construction it would also be advantageous to use eaves to protect the external walls from conduction.

The column in the center of the building also creates a ventilating effect, called the stack effect. The hot air rises up through the open tunnel and the windows allow the fresh air to cross the rooms.

This creates a natural ventilation in the building. This could also be used as a room for an outdoor staircase.