1.2 Beams, "The concept of interlocking beam", by Manita Ruangwimolwet

Interlocking Beam

After creating an interlocking column, to continued to same concept of it
to a 'beam'. I have come up with 2 different ideas of beam prototypes;

1) it has the main part of structure in the middle with little pieces of concrete
intersect to create a cross shape. Moreover, the height of each piece is also different.

2) This idea plays with the quantity of pieces stick together,
in order to create the form and the shape similar to interlocking system.

For the final beam model, I came up with one unit of interlocking system,
which each piece can be connected to another just by 2 joints.
The photograph below shows 5 units of interlocking to create 1 beam.

You can see from the top,
It is kind of a triangular shape, which can be rotated,
flipped, or twisted to join one another to create
different shapes.

As to manipulate beams and column to be conceptual,
the column had slightly changed to be similar
by using the same unit as the beam, but shorter.

Here are the drawings