1.2 Beam, Tzu-wen Chiang

Sky light beam

 The second part of the project is to design a beam, either using the old concept and connect the beam to the column designed, so came out with a new concept. I decided to use the previous concept I use for the column, which is weaving and light. The beam designed is using the extension of the previous column and creating another pattern of the ceiling which is also where the floor plates are cast onto. The steel created a trigangular frame patteren where we can later design where to cast, and where to leave as sky light.

The steels in the column that extened to be the beam also extend more to the columns on the floor above, which makes the structure more stable, not just pieces connecting together. The reference of this building is  Leandor Erlich's Swimming Pool installations, theres a space underneath the swimming pool where the people can go down and stand, which people on top will understand it as people underneath is in water. I found this really cool because it can create connection from people above and under. The beam and floor plates I design is also trying to create connections of people from above and under. Also letting light into the area below
the pattern that the steel create will be reinforce with strings and weaving. like the columns that i design in the previous phase of the project.