1.1 Columns "Gradient of Materials" by Thanyathorn Mateekusontan, PingPing

The idea of my design firstly came from the idea of a column that can stand even though one point of the column body is somewhat narrower than other parts that it looks like it's going to fall, but it does not fall because of the vertical forces.

I used the property of materials to express my ideas into my design by using a gradient of materials, ranking from heaviest to lightest (eg. metal, concrete, wood, steel, fabric, then foam). Where using the shape of an upside-down triangular volume, where i use the heaviest materials for the pointy edge, and ranking the heaviness from the pointy edge from the bottom to the top.

Along with playing with material, I also wanted to play with the function of this column where I want the light to get through to my column that it could be another source of lighting within the building without using electricities. Although I have chosen too random of the shape of the gaps for lights to pass through, because I should have consider that the force that the column will be taking is vertically, and I should have consider the shape of gaps by the function. 

This is the PDF file that I have illustrated ideas of my design. High Definition PDF