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Academic year 2014/2015 AUTUMN semester

Project 3: Collective habitat - '' CO'MM'UNITY '' by Chayaphon Ruenruedeepanya

CO'MM'UNITY is the housing estate that were design as the continuation from my last project. By demolishing 100 household and existing unused facilities, I have gain a piece of land that would cure the current social situation within the community. CO'MM'UNITY did not only provide the living space but also new usable facilities such as park, fitness center, clubhouse, playground, pool that would brings people in the community together. In addition to 100 household and unused facilities I demolished, I have recreate 144 household and facilities that are big enough to serve people in the community.

Project 3: "The collective Habitat", 'Semi-Sharing' by Supawich Somboonsub


Sleepless night, the future ahead is restless, especially when it comes to metropolis. The technology is processing rapidly as the humanity lives on, and that very technology will be able to connect people around the globe. One could say that the differences between day and night time become less important. Our daily routine has significantly changed throughout the past centuries since the night shift career choices were introduced in a large number of professions, and it has indeed increased overtime. Twenty-four seven service is emerging in almost every aspect of life, convenient store, public transportation, customer services, etc.  While one is sleeping, another is fully awake running the operation simultaneously without letting the city and industry stay quiet. This advance in technology and working habit has caused a major impact to most of people, the night shift workers. Just like the double edged sword, there is nothing ever white or ever black: while one maintains the same life cycle, another must change to serve the concept of twenty-four seven. Physical health and mental health are both greatly affected by shifting the day and night. Socially, one has less opportunity to interact with another group of people, family or friends. That is where technology comes in handy; it cannot fulfill the lack of physical contact which will eventually makes people become socially isolated. Earning more money is one aspect that night shift could overcome day shift due to those downsides it has, therefore, the night shift employee can be categorized into two which are “the one who is willing to do” and “the one who has no other choice”. In the future ahead, to make the city to be able to accommodate the rapid increase of population, and enhance the quality of life of night shift person, the idea of semi-sharing has introduced. Not only career that has shift time, but also living space. The price of the accommodation could be reduced by half. It also saves the space, and also, it is a chance to physically contact to others.

Life style of people working at night is completely different, since day time becomes resting time. The habitat must be able to cope with light condition and heat which are needed to be controlled for the best recovery time of the inhabitant from the “restless outside world”. Energy used needs to be minimized by optimizing the use of natural day light and heat efficiently as the world is short for supply. Not only that, as the demand of the space is increasing, in contrary, the supply is dropping as the space is slowly being used and consume. The space may need to be compromised between night shift tenant and day shift tenant. In the future, the space is needed to be shared with other tenant with the different time of use, and they do not even need to see their “roommate”. “Roommate” is not exactly the right word to apply here since the tenants will not really live together due to the working time they have. It is the same concept as night shift and day shift, the space is occupied twenty-four seven by two sets of tenant who occupy the habitat to maximize the use of space and perhaps, this idea may encourage to draw them out of the habitat to the public place to experience the “real” world, not the “screen” world.

 Column, Beam, and Wall

Site Analysis

Room Massing

Building Massing

Storage System

Unit Plan 

Typical Floor Plan

Ground Floor Plan

Snapshot Views

Section Perspective 

Project 3 : Around the kitchen by Kittitat Kiattanavith

Around the kitchen

Last phase is about creating 100 units for selected inhabitant.  I choose chef or person who have same income range (mid-high class).  In the future when citizen of Bangkok started to realize that nothing is healthy and clean of what they eat.  So that they start to cook more often in their house or their habitat.  Also for chef who always searching for new recipe and new method of cooking need such a big and easy to clean kitchen.

As a plan above is first draft of the building, I design building that have very good ventilation, checker board pattern is the key to let wind in and out also a vertical fin that let air pass trough but be a good shading device.

Plan of the building has changed a little due to divide space, cloister as a private space and front of the building as a public space.  Each room will have balcony-like in front of their room for sharing space and transportation placed.

Column is what very stand out in this building, spiral steel and expanded I beam form a hexagon shape and it is a main structure of this building.  Each room have 3 point of column to support it self and floor above and below.  I beam also act as a shading device and facade in it self.

Project 3: Collective habitat - "Living Green" by Kiert (Kor) Vitoonwithluck

"Living Green"

Through studiesof social and economic trends, I have seen that Bangkok is starting to move in to "Green" direction which means that they are beginning to produce more public transportation routes, which includes the Skytrain, MRT, BRT, public buses and even rental bikes.

This Leads to my project "Living Green" is the combination of public and private areas, where I have produced more green areas within the city so that people in Bangkok will start to use thee green areas, hopefully changing our culture and making parks more of a place people go to during their free time.

I have chosen my site to be at the Ratchatewi intersection and the reason for this is because the intersection provides the perfect blend of public and private transports.

Below is the top floor plan of the building which shows its functions combined with the units.

Below is the facade drawings and model

Finally here are the renderings of the spaces within the project itself.

                                                               Link to full Resolution

                                                               Link to full Resolution

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Project 3: Collective habitat - ''The trader living center'' by Napat wongthanasophon'

''The trader living center" 

         Final page presentation.

           This is the final part of every design that I have, Firstly my unit is the place that support the way that make my client feel comfortable, because of the future my grandfather and my grand mother will old by the time and they will not have a lot of energy to go to the second floor or the third floor, right!! , So I try to think and manipulate the space in to the same level , the space inside have a different type of space
                   -Public space, this space is in the middle of the unit and this space is a shop business and It’s have an elevator in the middle of it which can be the way that customer can enter to my unit
               -Private space, this space is in the area around the private space, they have 5 types of room here, first is the bedroom, bathroom , kitchen, office and a shop room.

For the site, I choose sarmyarn ski 26, because they have an empty space between I'park and the other people house.
-Other thing is the area are having a lot of society, I separate into 3 part find the research every part.
  -First is sarmyarn that have a student, worker and the costumer.
  -Second is chula, this area are having only the student society.
  -Third os anree du hung road that have a worker, student, low income and homeless.

-First one is the chula bus, that have 6 line, and they drive around siam, chula and sarmyarn, So it's is easy to connect my buildings
-Second is the BTS, for the btw you can choose siam or sanarm gela, but sanarm ge la will closer than the siam.
-Third is the taxi driver, they can go any where if you want.
For the presentation, I am separate the pages in to 3 pages which have the first page is Exterior, Interior and the Drawings.

       For 100 units , I separate the space of the unit by created 20 buildings and inside of the 20 buildings have only 5 units, It’s mean 20 buildings will have 100 units for sure.
For the exterior
For the function outside the building, there have a walk way which is in the middle of the buildings zone 1 and zone 2, For the reasons that I separates the zone of the buildings an having a different level of  a walk way, because when you still in the walk way,  the visions will show every thing clearly, no matter you are in the lowest part of the walk way, middle part or the highest part of it, and when you have a different type  of walkway, It is easy to connect to every buildings.

Another function.
For another function is the walking street market downstair, I design to have this market,  because they have a lot of society here, this market will bring all of the customer such like the higher income and the lower income, SO this one is the other way to bring the costumer to my building, Fo the empty space around the unit, I change it to be the car park, That easy to enter my buildings buy using the transportation.

Interior, Perspective section and render of the bedroom.

    For the interior, function inside the building is not change so much, they have the same public and private spaces which have the shop business in the middle of the unit and have a bed room, bath room, kitchen and also the office.

 Tropical plan
 Site plan

     For the drawing part, I try to show the circulation between the walk way and the buildings
Isometric showing the site and the 100 units
     Showing the movement of the people around the unit and site for 400-500 meter.
    The section also show the different type of the zone, firstly is the zone that belong to the government and the other zone showing the zone that belong to Chula.

For this part I design it into this shape, because they can blind the vision of the costumer, by playing with the gap of the facade, when you walk into the left side you can't see inside of it also the right hand too. 
The way that you can look  through inside of it, you must to look face to face with the facade
For the function of the facade is the switch that can move the facade to the left and to the right, It's can make the customer feel privately by your own control, So my facade is not only to bloom the sunlight bit it also can block the visions from other people.

Project 3: 'The Coexistence' by JP Jakkaphan Luengvattanavut

The Coexistence

Public housing for single adult shop owner


The final phase ask for the public housing which require the 100 unit of living space which is developed from the  previous phase. In this phase, i am trying to make the sense of the community as the market place because of the single unit is a shop so, i going to create the open air department store with connected to my site which is Lumpini park. Because of the idea of the vision connection, so i try to arrange each unit to have a vision to the footpath.

All around the site have so many facility as the hospital, clinic, university, market place, or the transportation system as the BTS or MRT and also it is about the environmental park which all of this thing are support for the adult people.

The diagram show the surround facility around the site

Nearby the site have a lot of noise surround building ,so i design building to face inside the Lumpini park le the back face the road.

The building consist of 3 floor and a bit set back in each floor because of the vision to the site and also become the shading device to the floor under.

View around the building

Plan & arrangement

Each floor, i designs in different reason as the ground floor which need to interact with people so i let each unit face to the footpath and for the second floor have the corridor and a bit set back to become the shading device for the first floor.The third floor which is the highest level so, i let t become cafe with the best vision.

Final layout